Full-Stack Entrepreneur

I am a serial entrepreneur from Philly. Since my skills include lean startup methodologies, user-centered design research, and software development, I like to think of myself as a full-stack entrepreneur. I am currently the CEO and Founder of ZenMobile an agency that consults with software-focused lean startups.


After teaching myself Android, and then iOS development, I decided to switch gears and become a Hybrid App Ninja. Professionally, I write lots of Ionic, Angular, and Node. But I also love learning new languages and stacks, like Django, Rails, Java, Play, Phaser, and bash. I write Haskell and Swift for fun, and also enjoy live coding Sonic Pi.


As a technologist I like to sit at the intersection of design and development.
If you ask me, user centered design research, and agile prototyping are two halves of the same whole. They make up the product side of lean startups, and that’s why good design research isn’t the most important thing for a lean CTO. It’s the only thing.

Lifelong Learner

I like to deconstruct things and see how they work. Objects, programs, people, you name it. I that find my fascination with everything around me has been integral to my growth as an individual.


Those who know me know how little I own and wear (I only wish I could say the same about my digital media consumption). I like to live life focused on the few and the important. This means when I do anything, I do it with intent.


I have thoughts about things. I could describe myself with labels like minimalist, idealist, centrist, nihilist, functionalist, libertarian, socialist, transhumanist, spiritualist, theist, etc. But it might just be better to call myself curious and thoughtful.


Malcom Gladwell would describe me as a Maven, a type of person who can’t help but spread information like the plague. I enjoy being able to direct and provide value to others using what I know.

Martial Artist

I practiced and taught Mixed Martial Arts for more than a decade. So you could say I kick stuff pretty well. I use elements of styles such as karate, muy-thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Wrestling, and Judo. One of my favorite things to do is grapple.

New Yorker

I’m a New York baby, born and raised in the 516. So, you know I don’t take no shit from nobody. So as long as you stay on my good side we can head down to Jones beach and drink Long Island iced teas sometime if you want.


Above all I am interested in seeing where this world goes, and I am interested in being a part of getting it there. I believe my generation has the power to enact great change on the future, tackling global problems with innovative and democratizing solutions.