After I left my most recent startup, align, in December I have been on a journey to figure out how to finish up school and set up something awesome to do for the near future zkyladu.

After a lot of planning and reading, and after a lot of meetings (I mean a lot!),I decided to start consulting with startups, since there are no specific problem areas I’m passionate about working on right now. This will give me time to learn and grow while doing what I love.

I will also have time to solve some developer problems and work on some API tooling I thought of, the lack of which I have been complaining about and ideating on nonstop for a while. I have begun meeting developers and consultants who seem interested in contributing to this project, so it may come to fruition soon. So keep your hand on that F5 😛

I’m also working on writing a book about Ionic which you can read (or buy the epub) on my consulting site. To improve my mediocre writing and have some fun teaching on the way I am going to be on a Quora bender for a while so check out my answers there as well if you’re interested in hearing me talk about software and fun things of that sort.

For 2017 I also decided to focus on my mindfulness practice some more, because God knows we all will need to, won’t we?

Anyways, happy reading!