Angular-Hello Generator

While at a hackathon in February of 2017 I ran into some silly issues setting up an Angular site just the way I like. To deal this this I build my own Yeoman generator: generator-angular-hello. This generator creates an Angular webapp configured the same way as Ionic’s javascript, with UI-Router and johnpapa’s Angular 1 styleguide implemented.


Zen Mobile is a dev shop dedicated to helping startups get off the ground. We have friendly price tiers whether you need to build your full product, Beta, MVP, or just need advice on how to get started.

Making Ionic Apps For Web Designers

Making Ionic Apps For Web Designers is a book about making mobile apps using Ionic Framework. Ionic (and Apache Cordova) allow you to make mobile apps with the languages used on the web, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It is a ideal tutorial for web developers that want to dive into mobile app development.


align is the tool for successful startup creation and acceleration. align helps entrepreneurs find each other, chat, and collaborate. We use geolocation to provide a free and effective way to instantly connect you with whom/what you are looking for. Now available in The App Store and Google Play.

Interactive Poster

I designed and built an interactive art piece based on Kendrick Lamar’s old tour posters. The site uses custom SVG animations to make the poster come to life in a way not possible through print.

Flappy Chuck: Gotta Blast!

A mobile responsive Flappy bird clone in honor of my god friend Chuck. Blast to the top to help Chuck survive his rise to fame. Now available on Google Play. Made with and love.

Material-AJ WordPress Theme

I wanted to create a simple monochrome material theme for my portfolio site. My theme strips down Twenty Sixteen to its bare bones, changing the header/footer in PHP, completely redoing the styles in CSS, and the posts in PHP while removing all the “bloggy” nonsense I don’t need.

“Many Hats” Graphic Set

My favorite part of making my website has to be the graphics set I created for the about page. I made the set with SVG graphics and CSS animations. They display and animate on desktop, mobile, and scale to any resolution — and they give a good representation of my sleek, minimal design taste.


At the Drexel University App Lab I worked on the MuseumFinder, a native iOS app (written in Swift 2) that uses an interactive map to show users what museums are around them, and lets them search for museums in any location in the U.S.